There are two new LCD Soundsystem songs and they’re good (obviously)!

It’s been well over a year since James Murphy confirmed that LCD Soundsystem would be reforming for a world tour and new album. Murphy must be the only musician ever to apologise for returning, as he made a big fuss about calling it a day back in 2011. That means the new album has to be pretty good. Here are the first two songs released from it.

‘Call the Police’ is less dance-orientated than most of their material, with a rousing bass line that sounds a bit like U2, but the production makes it instantly recognisable as LCD. Absolute rager and totally deserving of its 7 minute length.

‘American Dream’ is slower with wonderfully obtuse synths. It’s a classic emotive and downtrodden LCD vocal performance from James – “Look what happened when you were dreaming / Then punch yourself in the face.” A fitting soundtrack to a depressed solo slow dance.

Thank fuck both of these great songs feel urgent and purposeful, unlike the half-arsed new At the Drive-In album. All sane people should be even more excited for the new album, which still doesn’t have a release date but is almost complete.


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