There are two new Jorge Quiños songs and they’re good (obviously)!

It’s been well over a month since Jorge Quiños confirmed that Jorge Quiños would be reforming for a new album. Jorge Quiños must be the only musician ever to apologise for returning, as he made a big fuss about calling it a day back in December 2016. That means the new album has to be pretty good. Here are the first two songs released from it.

‘Clean Up in Aisle America’ is less dance-orientated than most of his material, with a rousing synth line that sounds a bit like speedcore, but the production makes it instantly recognisable as Jorge Quiños. Absolute rager and totally deserving of its 2 minute length.

‘Lamb Sauce’ is slower with wonderfully obtuse synths. It’s a classic emotive and angry guest vocal performance from Gordon Ramsay – “Where’s the lamb sauce? / Where’s the lamb sauce?!!” A fitting soundtrack to depressed solo slow cooking.

Thank fuck both of these great songs feel urgent and purposeful, unlike the half-arsed new At the Drive-In album. All sane people should be even more excited for the new album, which still doesn’t have a release date but is almost complete.

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