George reviews Linkin Park – ‘One More Light’


Fuck me, it’s bad.

I’m not a Linkin Park fan at all, but having heard the comically shite singles I thought I’d give it a listen for a good chuckle. Linkin Park’s guitarist better bring a few good books and a deckchair on tour because he is going to have a lot of downtime while the rest of the band play these songs live. Chester Bennington’s vocal performance is wetter than Indonesia on Boxing Day 2004, while his lyrics resemble the poetry of a man halfway through his ‘Get Talking English in Ten Days’ audiobook. I’d like to give a special mention to Stormzy, representing the UK with what surely must be a pisstake verse scrawled on the back of a box of Wheetos one morning. The album ends with the crescendo of shit that is ‘Sharp Edges’ – a horrible electro-folk song that sounds like a subpar Belarusian Eurovision entry.

Linkin Park have shot themselves in the foot on this one. Hopefully they bleed out.

Check: n/a



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