Stray From The Path Spit on 21st Century Nazi Punks with New Single

Stray from the Path have announced a new album – Only Death is Real – to be released in September. This is an exciting thing in itself, especially after they crushed Slam Dunk here in the UK back in May (see: What makes it even more exciting is the single ‘Goodnight Alt-right’, which bounces with enough vitriol to make you want to crowdkill your Nan.

“You just got knocked the fuck out 
The punishment fits the crime 
So keep your hand held high and you’ll find out why
That this raised fist ain’t afraid to fly”

The song updates the Dead Kennedys classic ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’, which is referenced explicitly, for the internet age. Directly targeting the infamously punchable white supremacist Richard Spencer and other racist fuckheads, Stray warn that “If you preach hate then expect hate”. Check out the video below:

Unsurprisingly, the video has attracted a lot of comments from alt-right losers on Youtube – a platform where “””””intellectuals””””” like Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson are the kings of political discussion.

Some of the most enlightening comments include:


Here, Jay DiNitto makes the common mistake of believing punk, and counter-culture in general, to be the same as contrarianism. Could the meaning behind the name ‘Stray from the Path’ be anything to do with the ideas of individuality and self-expression? Or perhaps the principles of standing up for yourself and not accepting conventional thought without reason? Nah, it must just mean doing the opposite of what most other people do absolutely all the time. So when the majority of people don’t support ethnic cleansing, the punk thing to do is obviously to become a Nazi. Duh! You should always reject any beliefs held by >50% of the population, even if you agree with them. That sounds reasonable.


Ah, yes. We all, of course, remember that infamous Hillary 2016 campaign slogan – “THIS RAISED FIST AIN’T AFRAID TO FLY!” Who could forget when she went on the Ellen DeGeneres show to spread her message of “NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF!” Might have actually won her a few more votes.

It says a lot about Viking Man’s comment that his shockingly poor use of an apostrophe isn’t even close to being the most terrible thing about it.


Yeah OK then, Pam. I can definitely see this song blending in seamlessly between Rita Ora and The Chainsmokers (ft Chris Martin) on the Radio 1 daytime playlist.


Oh no, it’s one of those guys. +7 up votes, fucking hell.

Hey, look! Another one.


These guys seems nice. Oh, It’s Viking Man again. Well that’s enough racist comments for one day.

Only Death is Real will be released on September 8th.


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