1. The Laser Falcon 2017 Mix

2 Digging – the (mostly) new music we currently have on heavy rotation:

2. A playlist compiling the best punk and post-hardcore bands of the 21st century. Punk’s not dead, it’s thriving. Don’t believe the bitter old cunts (Disclaimer: Drones artwork used as a joke):

3. Metal up your butt – a useful metal playlist for both beginners and the sortoffamiliar:

4. The best songs that come under the emo banner, both new and old. Emo is not an insult. Emo music fucking rules:

5. A compilation of all the Good Shit™ that has been released only in 2017. Max 2 per artist. The essential tracks of 2017 all in one place:

6. All the Good Shit™ that came out in the outstanding musical calendar of 2016: